Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Will I really be able to teach yoga after only three weeks?

The simple answer is, yes.  We are committed to providing you with all of the information and instruction that any accredited yoga school is required to present to students regardless of the time frame of the training. Thus, all of the foundational components are here for you and we support you finding your own unique way in which to move out into the world to do as you wish with your training.

  • Why is this training so short? I know of other teacher trainings that take months and months to complete.

Some of the translations for BHAVANA are to steep, or to infuse.  Thus, our teacher training length is by design. There is an intensity, and intimacy, in immersing yourself so fully into this training.  The distractions that can sometimes occur with trainings that occur over long periods of time will not be a factor in this training. We do appreciate the absolute commitment it takes to travel to Costa Rica for three weeks to study with us, but the immersion, the infusion, is well worth it in our opinion.

  • Why do you keep your teacher training group size to only 15 students or less?

We are committed to the intimacy of this training.  We are equally committed to individualizing our training to meet the needs of every unique student in the training.  We feel that if group sizes get to large, then things potentially could be overseen or lost. We, as your teachers, also desire to be infused with what is occurring over the three week period.  Therefore, we have chosen to intentionally keep our groups smaller and more intimate in nature in order to steep ourselves in the process as well.

  • What do I bring with me to the teacher training?

Once you have been accepting into Bhavana School of Yoga you will be provided with a comprehensive list of things to bring, and things not to bring, with you to Costa Rica.

  • Do I really need to read all of the required books before the training begins?

The simple answer is, yes.  We highly encourage you to read all of the required text prior to arriving to the three week teacher training.  Our time together will be greatly enhanced and we will have more in depth study lessons when the reading has already been completed.  In addition, you can also bring specific questions with you to the training based on the reading you have completed.