Bhavana School of Yoga Mission Statement

At Bhavana Yoga, a Luminous School of Yoga, we honor every student’s unique path. We strive to cultivate what is in the essential nature of every individual, so that they feel ready to express yoga in the world in their own way. We seek to create a tribe of explorers and lovers of life, who are not bound by dogma and who are constantly curious. We see ourselves as guides, who share freely of the knowledge we have acquired, and we see students as their own best teachers.  To that end, we are dedicated to a yoga school that is authentic, supportive and full of integrity. We want our students to feel completely prepared as they step forward into the world to share yoga with others. We encourage students to savor yoga, spending time with each practice and discovering its effects for themselves. We know that enjoyment is central to the benefits of yoga and meditation, and we encourage students to shamelessly enjoy their practices and their lives.