Teacher Training Design Philosophy

There are many reasons why yoga schools are structurally designed so differently in terms of timelines. Certain schools are designed to meet once a month for several, several months in order to complete a training. Some schools will join together every weekend for say 8-10 weeks in order to complete the training, and some schools are even designed to be a single 2-week intensive training.  

It is our philosophy to create a very intimate and intensive teacher training program.  Based on our professional experiences we feel that a 3-week structure gives us a healthy balance of structure, of immersion and intimacy, and of time.  With three weeks, we’re able to offer two full days off, allowing you to explore beautiful Costa Rica or relax and recharge at the retreat center. Yes, we will have long days of practice and study during our time at Bodhi Tree, but we love the structure and intensity that is inherent in our teacher training.  This is truly “by design” and well worth the adventure.