The atmosphere is so calming. My brain never stops, but when I went to the Friday night meditation I was able to block out the street noise and concentrate. Jennifer, the instructor, was attentive to my concerns after the practice too. Will definitely keep attending the practices.
— Casey, Nevada

Dr. Patti shares her gifts through her very heart and soul. Respected, accomplished, published, author, specialty certified, holistic doctor who is genuinely caring; however, she is too humble and unassuming to share that with others herself. When she teaches yoga, anatomy, myofascial balance, or Areuvedic health you know she lives it like she teaches it. Ask her a question during class, she savors it, contemplates it, becomes an adventurous student again, right before your eyes, before she lovingly shares her wisdom for your consideration. THAT is how life affirming learning experiences come about.
— Mike, Kirkland, WA

Jennifer’s approach to Meditation has change the way I see the world. People, places, and my view of the world have become more ALIVE than I ever thought possible. Her passion for helping others find their balance through meditation is clearly evident in her classes. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get in tune with themselves and their own world to take classes with Jennifer.
— Jami, Verdi, NV

Patti’s wealth of information and sincere desire to share that knowledge was above and beyond what I could have anticipated. Furthermore, I was continually impressed with her dedication to separating traditional beliefs from science, while still showing respect for both.
— PJ, Olympia, WA

Thank you so, so, so much! I’m so grateful for you and the wisdom you harness!!!
— Devon, Olympia, WA

Thank you so much for the training - it was absolutely PHENOMENAL and I hope to see you in a training or a class again!
— Julie, Olympia, WA

Jenn is a fantastic teacher, and a lovely human being. Whether she is teaching a yoga asana class, leading a meditation group, or teaching a workshop, her wisdom and care shine through. I have worked with Jenn in several capacities, and I know her to be knowledgeable about yoga and meditation while still remaining open to all that there is to learn. We are grateful to have her as a teacher with Carson City Yoga, and I can highly recommend her as a teacher and mentor. 

- Amy, Carson City, NV