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Preparing for your teacher training - things to do before you leave for Costa Rica

  • Complete the Application for Bhavana School of Yoga.

  • Read required books prior to your arrival, as this will enhance our conversations and is essential to our training time. We will email you the book list.

  • Complete writing assignments. These include one-page reflections on three of the books you will read, including your thoughts, most important points that you took away, and any questions you may have or interesting topics for further discussion.

  • Observe two yoga classes, and write reflections on each one (approximately two paragraphs). Include teaching techniques that you thought worked well, those that you would do differently, and how you noticed students reacted to various aspects of the class (including verbal cues, physical adjustments, lighting and music choices, etc). We would like you to consider how you would like to approach teaching yoga, and the choices you might make. (If you are already a yoga teacher, the observation should not be of your own class! Please observe another teacher’s class, to get a new perspective.)

  • Please understand that this is not a retreat. This is a teacher training. Yes, we will be located at the beautiful Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in the lovely country of Costa Rica for three weeks, but our teacher training days will be filled with study, practice, lectures and teaching. So we ask that you arrive to this adventure with an openness, a willingness and an eagerness to learn and evolve with us. You will have two full days off, which you can use to explore Costa Rica if you wish; Bodhi Tree can assist you with booking any excursions you may desire during this time.